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Montana Roads
April 4, 2015


Dudley has been working on this exhibition for longer than he can remember, which he claims is actually is not very long at all, but we estimate that it began taking form as far back as when he was honored to be one of 7 Montana
photographers for the America 24/7 project in 2002.

He had always envisioned a coffee table book which would be a collaboration with a poet or writer. Recently, after years of photographing roads around Montana, he became inspired by the idea of melding his artistic passions, including stream of consciousness writing, photography, mixed media, digital painting and song-writing.

Because of copyright issues, this work can not be sold but please spend some time with it and give your feed back on the work.

"The work is meant as a piece of art that combined those lyrics, my photographs and my somewhat whacky stream of consciousness writing into some sort of a meaningful.

I recently decided show this sample of the work, even though the editing is far from complete, in part because I would welcome the responses the viewers have both positive and negative and suggestions that I could incorporate as I finish the book part of this project." –Dudley Dana

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